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ATi Pharmaceuticals- supplying quality pharmaceutical, healthcare and OTC products.



Generic Medicines

ATi Pharmaceuticals has a vast range of competitively priced generic medicines sourced from quality, reputable manufacturers. If you would like to source your generic medicines from us, or have any particular requirements, please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page.  


Specials (Unlicensed) Medicine

We supply an extensive range of Unlicensed Medicine, sourced from reputable MHRA approved manufacturers, and priced competitively. These can be supplied to you on a same day / next day service. If you would like to discuss your needs or have any queries regarding Special (Unlicensed) Medication, we have pharmacists on hand and happy to help.


Export Division

Our export team is able to source pharmaceuticals, dressings and OTC products to cater to your requirements and provide a robust supply chain to you. We guarantee that our goods are sourced from quality suppliers and supplied to you using GDP approved couriers that helps ensure your shipments are not exposed to any conditions which may be detrimental to their quality. We are currently working with a number of clients from all over the Middle East, Asia and Africa and are always looking to expand our clientele.


Contact us today, and see what we can do for you.   


Charities and NGO

We are particularly passionate about working with charities and NGO's to supply quality pharmaceuticals to those that need it most. If you have any requirements, we would be happy to help. 


Ambulance Services

We work with and supply unique clientele such as Ambulance Services in London, to help provide equipment, dressings and emergency medication. We understand the unique nature of the Ambulance Services and the importance of maintaining fleet supplies, ready to cater to the needs of the public. Contact us now and let us provide you a hasle free solution to help maintain your fleet. 

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